Make Your Own 3d Games Using Software

Thanks to PCs and game consoles like the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, 3D (three-dimensional) games are becoming more popular with video game enthusiasts. Several software developers have introduced 3D game creation tools to keep up with this trend. Using these software tools, you can build your own 3D games that you can later distribute for free or sell to gamers worldwide.


1. Download 3D RAD (see Resources). This free 3D game development application allows you to add pre-built objects to a 3D world and determine how each object behaves. Using this tool, you can create racing games, action games and more.

2. Install The 3D Game Maker (see Resources). This application can help you build a 3D game with little to no programming experience required. Using the provided 3D objects, you can create a multitude of different game types.

3. Create games using GameStudio (see Resources). Depending on your level of experience in game development, the types of 3D games you can build using this tool are endless. Beginning game developers, intermediate users and experienced programmers alike can use this software package to create custom 3D video games.

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