Make Your Own Glitter Graphics And Personalize Your Images

Abstract backgrounds and glittery fonts make your photos a standout with Blingee.

Glitter graphics make your images sparkle and stand out. One of the easiest ways to jazz up your photo is with Blingee, a free website that gives users the tools to turn their own photos into sparkly collages of glitter, text and bling. If you just need text with glitter, you can visit the websites and

To enjoy the Blingee website, you do not need an account. Many features are reserved for members, however, and membership is free. So take a minute and sign in on the Blingee site. Answer a few simple questions and you will be ready to start your creative endeavor.



1. Create and log in to your new Blingee account. Find a picture on your computer that you would like to decorate. Pictures with open space around the main image work best. This will give you areas to add bling, or decorative details, to your picture. Select the first picture you want to decorate, and click the “Upload” button. A note will appear telling you your photo is ready.

2. Decorate your photo using the Blingee tool bar on the left side of your work area. The hand icon allows you to move the bling you have added and reposition it on your photo. Scroll down below your photo where you will find the “bling,” also called stamps, that you can used to decorate your photo. Choose a little bling or add layers of it. There are hundreds of flashing pictures, fonts and colored backgrounds you can add.

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3. Save your decorated photo. Find the save icon and save your Blingee. The next screen you see will give you the option to begin sharing your art. From this website, you can share your photo on your favorite social media website. Blingee has “hotbuttons” to post on Facebook, My Space, Twitter and more. You can also create a page within Blingee to showcase this and future photos, and share information with other site users.

4. Upgrade to Blingee 2. This is a free download, giving you access to more artistic choices and publishing options.

5. Download and save your photo to your own computer so you can use it anywhere. Go to the Blingee page and click “Share this Blingee.” Choose the size you want to save at and then right-click on the image. Choose “Save Image As” from the menu and follow the remaining instructions.

Sparklee and Glitter Text Generator

6. Create glitter text at Sparklee. This is a simple HTML generator that works by entering a small amount of text, such as headlines, in the correct box, choosing a few simple features like font size, color and angle, and selecting the “Create Glitter Text” icon. The website offers you buttons to every major social media as well as HTML code you can cut and paste for other applications.

7. Add a lot of text with Glitter Text Generator. This website allows you to create entire paragraphs of sparkly, glittery text.

8. Select the font you want from the examples on the page, and the site will generate the HTML code for you to cut and paste in your Internet projects.

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