Make Your Own Textures In Daz3d

Add textures to your Daz3D creations for greater realism.

Since February 1999, Daz3D has produced figures, vehicles, props and textures for Smith Micro’s “Poser.” It continues to do so today. However, since April 2004, its Daz Studio is now Poser’s chief competitor. Drenched in the beauty of micro-transactions, Daz Studio is free. Customers pay only for plug-ins, new models, textures and scenes.


1. Choose “file” and “open.” Navigate to the Daz Studio subdirectory where your figure’s default texture map is located. From the menu bar, select “file” and “save as.” Give your file a new name, preserving the original file.

2. Select the brush icon. Leaving white space, outline the main body. Select the lasso icon and click on the outline you just created. Choose “select” and “inverse” from the menu bar.

3. Choose the paint bucket icon. Click on a white space inside your outline. You now have a completely black uniform.

4. Select the foreground icon. A color dialog box appears. Select the first color for your outfit. Choose the brush icon. Select the “down arrow” and choose your brush thickness. Paint in the details for your outfit.

5. Select “file” and “save as” from the menu bar. Save the file in “.jpg” format – it is Daz Studio’s default setting.

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