Make Your Picture Cardboard Cutout Online

Take a photo of a friend and turn it into a life-size cutout.

Using the Internet, you can create a life-size cutout of yourself, a family member, or friend. Imagine the surprise on your friend’s face when she arrives at her party to see a life-size version of herself. Cardboard cutouts are created using a digital photograph or 35mm photo. The person is cut out of the image so there is nothing in the background, and the image is printed on glossy cardboard. Life-size cardboard cutouts usually come with a stand.


1. Choose a company to order a life-size cardboard cutout., and all offer these printing services.

2. Register for an account with the company.

3. Choose the size of the cutout you would like. Prices vary according to the company and the size you choose.

4. Upload a digital photo of the person you would like to turn into a cutout. Ensure the person’s entire body can be clearly seen in the photo. It is OK if there are things in the background of the photo; they will be cut out.

5. Specify your shipping and billing information.

6. Verify your information is correct, and complete your order.

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