Manually Turn On Cheats In “The Sims Medieval”

Serious Sims players may be shocked to learn that the “TestingCheatsEnabled” does not seem to work with “The Sims Medieval.” It does not work because it has be turned on manually. This cheat is not supported by game maker EA, but it is one of the few ways to deal with glitches that cause characters to get stuck in the forest or village. It also allows players to change the status of relationships and profession levels.


1. Locate the The Sims Medieval folder on your C: drive. This file should be in a folder named “Electronic Arts” in your Program Files folder (not your Documents folder).

2. Open the “GameData” folder followed by the “Shared” folder and the “NonPackaged” folder.

3. Locate a file named “Commands.ini” and copy it to another location on your computer.

4. Right click on the “Commands.ini” file and select “Properties.” Uncheck the box next to “Read-only.” Click “Apply” and then “OK.”

5. Right click on the “Commands.ini” file and select “Open with.” Select Notepad.

6. Locate the place in the file where it says “TestingCheatsEnabled=0” Change the 0 to a 1 so it reads “TestingCheatsEnabled=1” (without quotes).

7. Save the file and close it.

8. Open the game. To use the cheat, press control and shift and click on a character. A pop-up menu will appear with options. If a character is stuck, select “object” and then “force reset” to unstick them. You can also raise or lower the hunger and energy bars by clicking on them.

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