Metal Gear Solid 1 The Twin Snakes List Of Bosses

Beat 10 diverse bosses in “The Twin Snakes.”

“Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes” features an impressive list of bosses. The game is a remake of the original “Metal Gear Solid” and its sequel, “The Sons of Liberty,” made exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube. The bosses encountered in “Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes” include both new characters and old favorites.

Revolver Ocelot

Revolver Ocelot is the first boss encountered in “Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.” He can be defeated by shooting him three times in the head while dodging the bullets he fires.

M1 Tank

The M1 Tank appears halfway through the snowfield. The best strategy is to use claymores to disable the tank and then use grenades to kill the gunner while crouching below his line of sight.


The Ninja requires quick reflexes and punch/kick combos to defeat when he appears as the third boss in “Metal Gear Solid.” The Ninja uses a stealth suit and can teleport, but his attacks are limited to close range. He can be defeated using thermal goggles and quickly rolling out of range of his attacks, then counter-punching.

Psycho Mantis

The fourth boss in “Twin Snakes,” Psycho Mantis, has the ability to cloak himself and throws deadly balls of energy as well as objects from around the room. Use the thermal goggles and the “Nikitas” to punch him when he is in range. When the “HIDEO” message appears onscreen, pause the game and change the controller from the first port to the fourth port.

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Sniper Wolf

The fifth boss battle in “Metal Gear Solid” is a sniper’s duel. The elusive Sniper Wolf is very accurate with her sniper rifle and will cause heavy damage with each hit scored. Use night-vision goggles and the pillars as cover. Once the laser of her sniper rifle is no longer visible, equip the PSG1-T sniper rifle and crouch in the center of the room. Shoot her in the head three times to quickly defeat her.

Hind D

The Russian-made Hind D makes for an interesting battle during the sixth boss encounter in “Metal Gear Solid.” The Hind circles your position firing missiles and machine gun bursts. Use the Stinger missile and fire from the cover of the doorway to down the attack helicopter.

Sniper Wolf-2

This is the second encounter with Sniper Wolf and the seventh boss battle in “Metal Gear Solid.” The woodland setting of this battle makes using the cover of the hills and trees a necessity. Use them in a similar fashion as the pillars in the first encounter. Run from cover when possible and shoot her with the PSG1-T sniper rifle.

Vulcan Raven

Vulcan Raven, the eighth boss in “Twin Snakes,” always follows the same path through the crates in the room. Quickly defeat him without being seen by using claymore mines set along his route through the room.

Metal Gear Rex

Metal Gear Rex is a heavily armed giant robot that has lasers, machine guns and missiles. When “Rex” fires, there is enough time to dodge his attack and return fire on the ray dome on his head. Use body armor to reduce the damage if he scores a hit. Avoid the machine guns and laser by running left and right, and dodge the missiles by running towards him.

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Liquid Snake

The final boss in “Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes” is the evil twin brother of the main character, Liquid Snake. This is a hand-to-hand battle with a time limit that adds a degree of difficulty to the encounter. Use punch and kick combos to defeat him with counterattacks. Avoid knocking him over the ledge unless it is absolutely necessary, because it will waste valuable time as he climbs back up.