Microsoft Silverlight Features

A program for both software developers and everyday Internet users, Microsoft Silverlight provides video streaming options for both computers and phones. According to Microsoft, Silverlight runs on all major operating systems and works with all major browsers, allowing for live video streaming and on-demand video viewing while managing and protecting digital copyrights. For the casual Internet user, Silverlight looks like just another video plug-in that requires installation before video files can play. However, Silverlight possesses some features that make it stand out.

IIS Smooth Streaming

IIS stands for Internet Information Services, a Web server marketed by Microsoft. This means that IIS can store information for developers and advertisers so that others, such as the casual Internet user, can view them. In the case of IIS Smooth Streaming, this means that people can store videos on IIS and stream them live or on-demand to you, such as when you view an episode of a TV show online. As a feature of Silverlight, IIS Smooth Streaming endeavors to provide high-quality video despite the speed of someone’s Internet connection by way of the fast IIS server.

Deep Zoom

Advertised by Microsoft as “the fastest, smoothest, zooming technology on the Web,” Silverlight’s Deep Zoom feature works to bring high-resolution images to viewers with the least amount of loading time possible. For developers, Deep Zoom allows for several thousand items to show all at once, giving designers unlimited options in choosing display content to viewers.


PivotViewer makes use of Deep Zoom to provide users with ease in accessing a lot of things at once. It allows for animations and transitions to connect various threads of information to one another, allowing the user to make inferences about relationships between videos. It seeks to encourage users to explore multiple videos that a developer has uploaded and attempts to provide a pleasing, inviting interface.

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Pixel Shader

A feature of use to developers, Pixel Shader lets users add image-related effects, such as blurs and shadows. It allows for animation capabilities and if a developer doesn’t see what he’s looking for, he can create his own image effect. Through this feature, Silverlight allows for a great amount of artistic flexibility.

Perspective 3D Graphics

When you view most videos online, they remain plastered in a flat plane, meaning they don’t provide any depth of perception. Microsoft Silverlight attempts to overcome this with its Perspective 3D Graphics feature. Purported to provide ease of use for developers, it can allow a video to rotate, tilt or even allow for 3D effects and transitions between videos. This creates a more dynamic and eye-popping effect for the viewer.