Mobile Graphics Card Information

The graphics card in most laptop computers is fully integrated for the specific laptop model. Upgrading a laptop graphics card is rarely possible, and the mobile graphics market is virtually non-existent. With the creation of the Mobile PCI Express Module (MXM) standard, however, that may change.

What are the Types of Mobile Graphics Cards?

Most mobile graphics cards are the simplest of integrated graphics accelerators and are not able to play most modern game. Some higher-end machines come with much more powerful mobile graphics solutions, however, and have dedicated memory, making them similar to desktop computer add-in graphics cards. A lot of them use the MXM standard.

Is it Possible to Upgrade a Mobile Graphics Card?

It may be possible to upgrade a laptop computer that has an MXM graphics card. Unfortunately, the MXM standard is in various forms. It is not designed to make it easier for end-users to upgrade their mobile computers, but rather for manufacturers to more easily supply their hardware. Sometimes enthusiasts can find a way to upgrade the graphics card if it conforms to the MXM standard.

Where Can I Buy MXM Graphics Cards?

Only a very few places sell MXM upgrade cards, and the cards come at a high price due to their rarity. MXM graphics cards are most often found on online auction sites as well as a few specialist suppliers.

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