Mobile Intel 965 Specs

Mobile Intel 965 Express chipset is a family of chipsets that Intel Corp. designed for use with its Intel Centrino Duo line of computer microprocessors. As a chipset, a Mobile Intel 965 is responsible for assisting a microprocessor in carrying out central processing unit functions. More specifically, a chipset controls how data travels between the microprocessor and other components on a computer’s motherboard. Several specifications of the Mobile Intel 965 chipset serve as indicators of the chipset’s performance.


All Mobile Intel 965 Express chipsets have Flip Chip Ball Grid Array packages, which is a reference to the chipsets’ architectural design. Each chipset measures 35 mm by 35 mm, or approximately 1.4 inches by 1.4 inches, and is equipped with 1,299 balls. These balls, which fasten a Mobile Intel 965 to its motherboard, have a variable or adjustable pitch. The minimum ball pitch the chipset provides is 31.5 mm.


Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipsets are compatible with Intel Core 2 Duo microprocessors, specifically those with bus speeds of 533 MHz and 800 MHz. Bus speed refers to the speed with which a microprocessor can move data across its motherboard. In terms of simultaneous data-transfer, Mobile Intel 965 chipsets support double-pumped address rates and quad-pumped data rates. While double-dumped refers to a signal carrying two points of data in each microprocessor clock cycle, quad-pumped refers to a signal carrying four points of data in each microprocessor clock cycle.


For transporting data between microprocessors and external graphics cards, Mobile Intel 965 Express chipsets rely on x16 Peripheral Component Interconnect Express graphics attach ports. These ports offer 16 lanes for data to travel through. Mobile Intel 965s can also accommodate integrated or on-board graphic-processing using integrated graphics ports. When using x16 PCI ports, however, the chipsets disable their integrated graphics ports. These integrated graphics ports rely on Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 technology and can support maximum display resolutions of 2,048 horizontal lines of pixels by 1,536 vertical lines of pixels, which the ports accomplish when the chipset is operating at 60 Hz. The integrated graphics of Mobile Intel 965 chipsets support analog picture tube, analog TV-out, low-voltage differential signaling and serial digital video out.

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Mobile Intel 965 Express chipsets can support up to 4GB of DDR2 SDRAM. The chipsets operate each channel of memory using small outline dual in-line memory modules, each of which is 64-bits wide. In terms of dual memory channel configurations, Mobile Intel 965s support asymmetric and interleaved. Unlike with asymmetric memory, the multiple data storage centers of interleaved memory alternate supplying data to microprocessors.