Morphs With Poser Software

Poser is a 3-D figure design software system. Morphs change ethnicity, sex, musculature, weight and height, making individual characters. Each additional morph increases the model’s size in memory. Too many morph-filled characters will crash Poser. Morph management is essential to good character design.


1. Sketch the character in pencil, concentrating on the face, ears, eyes and hair to distinguish one model from another.

2. Locate morphs for the character. Purchase morphs from websites like Daz3D or Content Paradise (see Resources below). Newer character models support morph injections. Morphs are reduced to many groups. Add morphs to customize the character. Remove the unused morphs, and remember that Morph Injections keep model size small.

3. Select the “Content” tab and install morphs into Poser. Morphs from Content Paradise are the easiest to add, and Daz3D has better props. The Michael, Victoria and Stephanie Millennium Figures are the best character models. They have more clothing, hair, morph and props than any other character set.

4. Choose “Figure” from Library sidebar. Navigate to the character model and double-click the model to add it to the scene.

5. Navigate to the Poses Library sidebar where you will add faces to individual and body morphs. Notate each morph added on scrap paper.

6. Dial morphs into the model. Morph dials begin at 0. For most morphs, 1.0 is the morph’s maximum intensity. Going beyond this can distort the character. Circle the morphs used to customize the model.

7. Reopen the Poses sidebar and remove unused morphs from the model.

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