Nice Gifts For A Goth Girl At 17

Nice Gifts for a Goth Girl at 17

Teen goth girls are attracted to a variety of things, some of which may surprise you. Goth, short for gothic, is simply the attraction to a darker aspect of things, including punk rock music. Having a goth girl to buy a gift for makes shopping easier because goth style is very specific and will point you in the right direction, If you know where to look.


Black, black, black. Laces, snaps, zippers and ties. Somewhat Victorian in look for dressy, or a black lace shirt with a solid black tank beneath are classy examples of goth-type clothing. Black leggings, a tulle tutu, and a leather vest might make a goth girl a happy camper. Steampunk, the new trend with Victoria-type accents mixed with a metal and technological twist has things like tiny Victorian-style hats, lace up corsets and stockings with lacy tops.


Skulls aren’t the only thing that appeals to goths by way of accessories, although they are a basic in the arsenal of any goth girl’s jewelry collection. Celtic knots, things of alternative religion and strange symbols always catch the eye of a goth especially if they hint at mysterious meanings behind them. A goth will tend to look for deeper meanings, so a symbol that means something to the two of you would be a perfect jewelry find. Other trends such as Skelanimals, and even Hello Kitty appeal to the girl in the goth, and make for a nice gift.


Technically, goth music is often bands most of us have never heard of, and it is a subgenre of music all its own. Depending on the goth in question, her musical tastes may run from true goth with bands such as Skinny Puppy, Depeche Mode, or Evanescence, to alternative music like My Chemical Romance and The Cure. A CD in the tastes of the goth girl would be much appreciated, or even more so, purchase MP3 downloads off of a site such as Itunes and make a mixed CD for your goth girl and show her you care enough to have researched the music she loves.

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Books and Movies

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Twilight, or anything with zombies, vampires and especially unrequited love or angst are great DVD choices for a goth teen girl. Anime or graphic novels are a current trend among teens and lean toward a darker theme that appeals to goths, a book in this genre is sure to please. There are books written for goths by goths as well, and any of the larger bookstores will often have an entire section devoted to them.