Nondownload Free Multiplayer Games

A great way to relax at the end of the day is by playing games. These stress outlets can range anywhere from a simple game of solitaire to something a little more complex such as multiplayer online games. A handful of these massive multiplayer online games, known as MMOs, can be played online without the need to download software onto a computer. These include browser-based games, as well as applications for online networking sites such as Facebook. A few examples of what you could play are Facebook’s “Farmville,” “Neopets,” “Gaia Online” as well as “Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms.”

Farmville on Facebook

“Farmville” is an online game in which players are responsible for taking care of their own farm, growing their crops and raising livestock. Players need to use an existing Facebook account, or sign up for one by using an email address and password. Once they’ve signed into Facebook, they can go to the main page of “Farmville” (see Resource section), give it access to their Facebook profile and then start playing. New players start out with 200 in farm cash and a handful of crops. As players grow, cut and sell their crops, they can pay for things such as a farmhouse, cows, chickens, horses, fruit trees or a plow for faster harvesting.


“Neopets” has been around since late 1999 and has been going strong ever since. In the game, players are allowed to create a pet to look after, which tags along with them while they play games on the website. By winning those games, players make money known as Neopoints, which they can spend on their pets for things such as toys, food and even ways to change the pet’s appearance. Players can also explore the world with their pet in a game similar to the popular “Pokemon.” To make an account, players can go to, click on the “login to Neopets” link in the upper right-hand corner and then select the new account option. Sign-up requires a user name, password, information about where the player lives, a birth date and a valid email address.

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Gaia Online

“Gaia Online” was founded back in 2003, and is known for being an anime-themed social networking site. Over the years, the site has gone from being a series of forums to a graphic browser role-playing game that is free to play without the need to download any software. Players can make a new character known as an avatar and explore the world of Gaia, fighting monsters, doing quests for the world’s people, as well as grouping together with friends to take on large bosses. New players can register by visiting Registration requires new players to select their avatar before doing anything else. During the character creation, players can change the hair, skin color and face of their characters. Once they are pleased with their characters’ appearance, “Gaia Online” then asks for important information such as a user name, an email address and password.

Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms

The “Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms” game is based on the series best known as “Might and Magic.” “Might and Magic Heroes” is a real-time strategy game played online by way of an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Each player is given a city to rule over in any of the 25 regions available throughout the world. Players can lead soldiers into battle, mine for ore and build better structures to keep their homeland safe. New players can play for free and are given an account, which allows a total of three characters and three kingdoms for the first two months. To join, new players must sign up by selecting a faction or side to play on, as well as come up with names for their account, their city and the city’s hero or leader.

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