Open My Router Window On Ubuntu Linux Computers

Ubuntu is a Linux-based, graphical operating system with features and functions similar to Microsoft Windows (drag-and-drop functionality, application windows). Getting assimilated to using Ubuntu may take the user a little time. However, the benefits of using an open source operating system such as Ubuntu is the ability to obtain thousands of free, open source applications “on the fly.” Many applications are pre-installed when Ubuntu is installed. One such application is the Firefox browser. To view your router’s administrative window on the local network, you only need to use the Firefox browser.


1. Open Firefox in Ubuntu by clicking on the Firefox icon on the top toolbar. The Firefox icon is installed by default and is located to the right of the word “System” on the bar.

2. Type the IP address for your router’s administration page. Make sure you are connected to your local area network either wirelessly or over a wired connection. IP addresses for router administration pages vary by manufacturer. Netgear routers may use or Check your router’s manual or website for the IP address.

3. Enter the administrator user ID and password. These credentials are set to a default and if not changed by the user, may be found in the router’s documentation. Click “Log In.”

4. Make any changes necessary to your router’s configuration. Save your changes. Log out and close the browser window when finished.

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