Overclock The Asus Eee Pc

Overclocking is the acceleration of your computer’s clock speed to boost performance. Computer manufacturers set a computer’s clock speed lower than its full potential to increase its lifetime and to ensure that it runs at a stable performance level. When you overclock, you push your computer to work at full capacity, which causes extra wear. Overclocking your ASUS Eee PC can cause severe consequences.


1. Download and extract SetFSB to your computer and run the program.

2. Select the “ICS9LPR426AGLF” Clock Generator from the menu list by clicking on the “Arrow” icon next to the field that says “Clock Generator.” Click the “Get FSB” button to confirm your selection.

3. Increase the “PCI-e Bus” level to 110 MHz and click the “Set FSB” button to confirm your selection. Increase the FSB in small increments at a time, for instance from 70 MHz to 80Mhz, and click on the “Set FSB” button again.

4. Run a computer program that gives your computer a workout, such as a video game, for at least 10 minutes. You can also download and open Prime95 (a free overclocking testing tool) and conduct the “Torture Test.” If your computer remains stable and doesn’t crash, open “SetFSB” and increase the FSB by another small increment and test your computer. Repeat this step until you reach a maximum performance boost while retaining stability.

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