Pick Out A Graphics Card

In order to find just the right graphics card for your computer, you will need to do research, understand the differences between the various cards and learn what each manufacturer has to offer. It is important to compare features with value when you are looking for the right card and avoid paying for an expensive brand name. Prevent spending more than necessary by doing your homework to find the right graphics card.


1. Determine what kind of specifications your current computer. Learn what kind of expansion slots you have available, how much system memory you have and what kind of processor you are running. You can use the system requirements on the video card manufacturer information to see if the card will work in your system. If you are unclear on what the specifications are on your computer, then consult the user’s manual or contact the manufacturer.

2. Using a paper and pen, write down what you want out of your graphics card, then apply graphics card features to your needs. For example, if you would like to play 3-D video games on the Internet then visit some of the 3-D game sites and find out what kind of video card you would need to use them. If you are only interested in doing home finances and Internet surfing, then you can purchase a lower-end video card and save money.

3. Begin researching the different cards on the market by reading the comparisons in the computer buyer’s guides, which are often found in consumer computer magazines. These buyer’s guides will give you all of the features of the cards, retail price and required system specifications for each card.

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4. Compare the cards with the available resources in your computer. Eliminate any of the cards that will not fit in your computer either due to slot incompatibility or lack of processor power.

5. Research the cards by going to the manufacturer’s websites and learning the specifications of each card. Buyer’s guides are excellent for comparing cards, but the manufacturer’s sites will give you much more detailed information and allow you to choose the card that is best for you.