Play 3d Games On A Pc

Installing a graphics card will allow you to play 3D games on your PC.

Computer games can make an exciting pastime, but most PC games are now designed with 3D-rendered graphics. These games have minimum system requirements, and if you do not have the required hardware and software, you cannot play the game. Fortunately, many 3D games can be played simply by updating the graphics card and all associated drivers.


1. Open your PC so that you have access to the motherboard, and fit the video card into the AGP slot. Consult the card’s installation guide for assistance.

2. Secure the card and replace the back of your PC unit. Select “Run Program” and enter “dxdiag.exe” to launch the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Select the “Display” tab and ensure that your new card is listed under “Device.”

3. Locate the manufacturer of your graphics card and navigate to their website. Search the “Downloads” sections for any drivers that correspond to your card. Download and install the latest version of all available drivers.

4. Download the latest drivers from the DirectX website (see Resources). Install the drivers and run any updates when prompted. Restart your computer to ensure all of the changes are recognized.

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