Play Galactic Civilizations Ii On An Intel Gma 950

Intel’s GMA line of graphics technologies are often used in laptops

“Galactic Civilizations 2,” a video game developed by Stardock, was released for the PC in 2006. The game tasks players with guiding the progress of an empire as it colonizes planets, forms alliances and battles its enemies. The game is not a graphically intensive program, nor does it use a large portion of the system’s graphical memory, and Intel’s GMA 950 integrated graphics device has more than enough power to support the game. Since the chipset has little extraneous memory for multitasking or expanded performance, users should examine their system and manage it carefully while playing to ensure the game performs well.


1. Check the game’s system requirements against the computer’s other specifications. “Galactic Civilizations 2” only requires 32 MB of dedicated video memory, and the Intel GMA 950 offers 224 MB, but this item alone is not enough to make the game compatible with all GMA 950 systems. It also requires an 800 Mhz processor or faster, Windows XP or newer, 256 MB of free hard drive space, and DirectX 9.0c or newer.

2. Download any updates required to make the system completely compatible, including the newest update for the chipset from Intel’s website. While items such as DirectX can be downloaded online, the GMA 950 is often included with laptop hardware for which processor and other hardware upgrades are not possible.

3. Install the game and run it without any other programs running in the background. Some software, such as anti-virus systems and text editors, will not adversely affect the game’s performance. Other, more resource-intensive applications such as games or video playback programs, may seriously undermine Galactic Civilizations’ ability to perform well.

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4. Change the in-game graphical settings for increased performance. Select “Options” from the game’s main menu and alter the settings to lower quality for better performance. Each GMA 950 system will perform differently, and you may need to test several settings before finding a balance of performance and graphical quality.