Play Games That Need 3d Glasses

With the increased processing power of modern graphics card many games now offer the ability to play with 3D glasses. NVIDIA has technology called “3D Vision” that uses active shutter glasses and an LCD monitor to play games in 3D. The game in question has to support the NVIDIA technology in order for this to work. Many games can still be played with normal “Anaglyph” 3D glasses, which are cheap and easy to obtain. For this to work, the game either has to support it or you have to install a special driver.


IZ3D Driver Anaglyph 3D

1. Obtain a normal red/blue set of anaglyph glasses. These can be purchased at various retailers or even created yourself by using cellophane sheets.

2. Navigate to the IZ3D website and download the latest driver (see Resources). This driver will add 3D support to all games without requiring any special hardware.

3. Double click on the downloaded file to install the IZ3D driver.

4. Run the IZ3D Control Center. Select “Anaglyph/free” under output options and next to it “Red/cyan” from the drop down menu.

5. Click the “Profiles” tab to see a list of preset settings for various games. If the game you want to play is not on the list, just select “Default Profile.” You can tweak the 3D settings in the game you want to play.

6. Start the game and enter the IZ3D configuration menu. Depending on what option you choose in the control center, this will pop up automatically when the game starts or can be activated with the “control+*” hotkey. Put on your anaglyph glasses and follow the wizard instructions to set up the game to your liking.

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NVIDIA 3D Vision

7. Aquire the necessary hardware and software to run NVIDIA 3D Vision. A list of requirements can be found on the NVIDIA website (see Resources).

8. Insert the 3D Vision driver disc in your optical drive and follow the installation instructions. Restart your computer when asked to, then follow the 3D Vision setup instructions that will be displayed. The wizard will cover everything from connecting the hardware to calibrating the settings for optimal effect.

9. Click the NVIDIA control panel icon on the computer taskbar and select “set up stereoscopic 3d” from the task menu on the right. Here you can enable or disable and test the 3D mode. Use the depth slider to set how much depth you want in your games. The default setting is 15 percent, which is fine for beginners, and can be increased once you become more used to the 3D effect.

10. Start the game. It will automatically be set to work with 3D glasses. To enable or disable the 3D effect while in the game, use the “Control+T” hotkey command. Select “Options” or “Configure” from the main menu of games that natively support 3D glasses to change the settings. The game’s manual will indicate whether the game has native support for 3D glasses and what the configuration options are.