Play Games Without A Video Card

Play Games Without a Video Card

Most modern video games require high-end PC video cards to properly render the complex graphics these games feature. If you do not have a powerful video card (or any video card), there is an option to get these games working on your machine. While they may not exactly look the prettiest, they will make the game playable.


1. Download the 3D Analyzer program if you don’t have it already (see “Resources”).

2. Extract 3D Analyzer files from .zip folder to your desktop.

3. Install 3D Analyzer to your computer. This is as easy as clicking the “Install” button once you open the self-extracting archive that you have just unzipped.

4. Boot 3D Analyzer and click the large “SELECT” button. This will open a new window showing your computer files.

5. Select the executable file from the game folder on your hard drive. This may require you to navigate through the file selection window to that folder.

6. Set your options for each game. Because of the wide variety of games, many titles will have their own set of options that have to be set before the game will play.

7. Click “RUN” to begin the game as it is emulated.

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