Play Karaoke Discs On A Pc

Sometimes you might not want to leave home to sing karaoke. Maybe you want to practice learning a new song you will try next weekend at the local club. Or, better yet, you’re going to have a party and karaoke will be the major source of entertainment. If you want to have karaoke at your home, you could purchase an expensive karaoke player, or you could use your home computer for your karaoke needs. Here we will show you play karaoke discs on your PC.


1. Obtain a computer that has the necessary system requirements. Because you will be purchasing and using karaoke software and karaoke CD + G discs, you will need a computer that has a Windows XP or Vista operating system, a processor of at least 800 MHz, at least 256 MB Ram and a 32-bit display.

2. Have a CD drive that reads CD + G subcodes. If you don’t have this on your computer, you could add it to your computer tower relatively inexpensively if you have the room for an additional drive.

3. Make sure to have Windows Media Player or another media player on your computer. This is what the karaoke software will play through. This also enables you to have sound when you play the songs.

4. Get good speakers and a microphone for your computer. If you already have decent speakers, this will probably be good enough for you. However, if you plan to use your PC to play karaoke in a large room or with a good amount of people, you may want to upgrade your speakers. The microphone you choose should sound loud enough for people to be able to hear you. In general, if you buy a decent microphone–one that isn’t just made for play or for children–it should work for your needs.

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5. Purchase and download karaoke software that enables your computer to not only read the CD’s and play the music, but also allows the words to pop up on the computer screen. If you don’t need the words, you can just put in any karaoke CD and play it through Windows Media Player. One karaoke software available on the Internet is Siglos, and the site listed in the Resources section below.

6. Purchase or obtain some CD + G karaoke CD’s.

7. Get the karaoke software pulled up on your computer. Put in a karaoke CD, and you are ready to go! You can follow the simple instructions on the karaoke software and your computer to start playing the CD and start singing along with the words and music!