Play The Piano In Two Days

The piano is an 88-key keyboard instrument that encompasses both the bass and treble clefs in music. Pianos are used in every style of music. Playing the piano correctly requires the use of two hands. Learning to play well can take several years; however, learning a basic song on the piano can be accomplished in just a short time. You might not be going to Carnegie Hall, but you can learn to play the piano in two days.


1. Visit the “Learn Piano Online” website (see Resources). Enter your name and email address; then check for your confirmation email. Click the link in your confirmation email to verify that you signed up for five free piano lessons. Once you verify that you are signed up, you will receive your first lesson automatically by email. Each time you finish a lesson, you will automatically be sent the link for your next lesson. You can move through these short lessons at your own pace (two days, if you like).

2. Click on the link for Lesson 1 and review the bonus gift link. This gift teaches you the very basics of reading sheet music, presented in a graphic format that’s easy to understand. Once you have studied the note-reading lesson, click the “Start Now” button and save your first free lesson to your computer. This lesson familiarizes you with your piano.

3. Retrieve Lesson 2 and save it to your computer. Lesson 2 teaches you speed-reading tricks and read music notes. Lesson 2 will also teach you play your first song.

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4. Download and begin Lesson 3, which goes into the rhythmic principles of music notes. Lesson 3 also teaches you play another practice song.

5. Begin Lesson 4. You will practice the lessons you learned previously and learn two new songs, “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.”

6. Open Lesson 5. This lesson teaches you the bass clef of the piano and focuses on chords. You will learn read and play chords and apply them to the songs you have already learned. This entire course is easy enough to have you playing the piano–and four songs–in two days.