Pokemon 3d Games

Pokemon–collectible, animal-like monsters–have been captured, trained and traded on Nintendo’s portable game systems for years. In almost every Pokemon game, including Pokemon 3D games, players embark on a journey to fill their Pokedex with information about the region’s Pokemon. Along the way, they capture and raise a Pokemon team of their own. The premise that worked so well on portable systems eventually brought Pokemon to life on systems like the Nintendo 64, GameCube, and Wii.

Pokemon Stadium for Nintendo 64

Players who have their own teams from the Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow games can bring them to battle against some of the toughest rivals around. By use of the Nintendo 64 Transfer Pack, Pokemon from the Game Boy games can be sent in to battle for trophies or take on gym leader challenges.

Pokemon Stadium 2 for Nintendo 64

In this sequel to the original “Pokemon Stadium,” teams from Pokemon Gold and Silver can be transferred over to do battle. The game includes multiple battle modes, mini games, and a schoolhouse where players can learn all about Pokemon basics and practice battling.

Pokemon Colosseum for Nintendo GameCube

Players take on the role of a rogue trainer who has finally left his life of crime behind. After escaping from his former employers, he runs into a young lady who has the power to see special Pokemon. These are Shadow Pokemon, and they’ve begun attacking people due to having their hearts shrouded in darkness. Now, the trainer and his new partner must journey throughout the land, rescuing Shadow Pokemon and tracking down the evil entity that has locked their hearts away.

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Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness for Nintendo GameCube

In the middle of the ocean, a devious group known as Cipher takes over a cargo ship and captures all the Shadow Pokemon carried on board. Now, as a trainer carrying a device that allows you to see the hearts of Shadow Pokemon, players set off on a quest to recapture all the creatures and make their hearts pure once again.

Pokemon Battle Revolution for Nintendo Wii

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl owners have the opportunity to see their favorite teams battle for the championship in the first 3D Pokemon game on the Wii. Also for the first time, players can battle with their friends or anyone in the world via Nintendo’s WiFi Connection.