Prepare A Teacher Portfolio

Teaching is an art form and just like any other form of art you need to prepare a portfolio of your work. Through the invention of the teacher portfolio, potential employers can see how serious you are about your calling as a teacher. Read on to learn more.


1. Choose quality materials to place in the portfolio.

2. Include a list of teaching responsibilities that you have engaged in throughout your teaching career. Be sure to include undergraduate work as well as graduate and career level work.

3. Create a course syllabus. This should include objectives, readings and homework assignments. If teaching more than one subject include a sample lesson plan of each subject.

4. Explain how your teaching methods along with the course materials will help the students master the learning objectives of the course.

5. List your classroom management styles. If you are already teaching include samples of that classroom’s attendance record, grade book and lesson plans. Also include how you communicate with parents.

6. Comment on how you will use discipline your classroom.

7. Include any rewards or honors you have received that are academically related.

8. Reflect on how you will continue to be proficient in your career as a teacher.

9. Include a journal of a week in the life of a new teacher. This can be from your student teaching experience if you not employed as a full-time teacher.

10. Submit evaluations from professors and cooperative teachers.

11. Add a nice cover including your name, date, and the school that you teach at.

12. Place photos of bulletin boards you have done in the portfolio. Include samples of students’ work.

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