Print Valentine Cards For Kids

Printing out cards is a fast, easy and personal option for Valentine’s Day.

There are a number of reasons to print out Valentine’s Day cards. In addition to being fast and easy, it is a low-cost alternative to opting for store-bought cards, it adds a distinctive homemade touch to the greetings and it allows the children to become actively involved in the card-making process.

Choosing a Design

There are lots of websites that allow users to download card designs for free. Some offer basic black-and-white outlines that can be printed out and decorated by hand, while others offer specification in images, font color and size, and greeting text. Alternatively, try using basic graphic design to create one-of-a-kind cards; most word processing programs now have simple and easy-to-use desktop publishing elements such as clip art and shapes.

Personalizing the Card

Once the card’s basic design is set, try adding personal touches. If the card will be printed in multiples, to be given to an entire class or club, for example, try adding the name of the child who is giving the card or the year. If the card is for an individual recipient, include a personal greeting or even a digital photo. To make these kinds of additions to a downloaded card template, open the file in a graphics software or a photo altering program.

Choosing a Paper

While ordinary computer paper will work fine for printing out the card, a thicker card stock will give the card a more professional look. A local craft or art store will have even more elaborate paper types to choose from, including stock in varying thicknesses, textures and colors.

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Printing the Card

When printing the Valentines, be sure to check that the printer settings are accurate for the type of card. If the card is one-sided, this isn’t as important, but if it’s a fold-over card, the paper may have to be printed on both sides. Pay close attention to the instructions on the website that the template was downloaded from, to ensure that it prints correctly.

Decorating the Card

Once the card is printed and cut out, the children can decorate it. At this stage, some more elaborate cards might also need to be glued or taped together. If it’s a simple black and white line drawing, they can color in the card with markers and crayons. If the card is already printed in color or it’s printed on colored paper, they could try decorating it with glitter or other craft supplies.