Problems With Battleship Surface Thunder

The strategy title “Battleship: Surface Thunder” is a simulation-themed twist on the basic “Battleship” board game. “Surface Thunder” updates the basic game with a variety of play options, 3D graphics and stereo sound. As with any title, “Battleship: Surface Thunder” can be subject to operating problems or system errors.

Opening Movie Crashing

Some computers may not display the opening movie correctly. Because the movie plays every time the game runs, this stops the game from booting, preventing play. This can be due to insufficient hardware resources or a lack of the right video drivers or codecs. You can disable the opening movie by right-clicking the “Battleship” Start menu item or desktop icon and selecting “Properties,” then adding the text “-novideo” to the “Command Line Options” box.

Video Errors

Because “Battleship: Surface Thunder” uses 3D graphics, the game can be subject to graphical errors. These can include ships disappearing, surface textures being displayed in the wrong colors and message text being obscured by graphical features, making the game unattractive and hard to play. These issues can be fixed by visiting the website for your video card manufacturer and downloading the latest drivers for your card. Once the file has been downloaded, double-click the file to update your system’s video drivers.

Slowdown Issues

Sometimes the graphics or game-play of “Battleship: Surface Thunder” can be subject to slowdown issues, in which onscreen items move slowly with a jerking motion. These issues can also manifest themselves in controls becoming sluggish and unresponsive or music and sound effects skipping and replaying like a scratched CD. These issues can arise because of other programs running in the background, consuming memory that the game needs to run. Hold “Alt” and press “Tab” to switch between programs, closing programs until “Battleship: Surface Thunder” is the only program running.

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Insufficient Resources

If your system does not meet the minimum requirements for “Battleship: Surface Thunder,” the game may display errors such as not launching or crashing when you click “Start Game.” The game requires a Pentium processor of 166 MHz (MegaHertz) or faster, running Windows 98 or newer. 32 MB (MegaBytes) of system RAM and a 2 MB video card are needed. The game does not support video cards with a Hercules chipset; the game will not boot past the title screen on a computer with such cards. Microsoft DirectX 7 or newer is required; DirectX 7 is free software included on the “Surface Thunder” game disc, and can be installed at the same time as the game.