Problems With Being A Graphic Designer

Graphic designers must be prepared for long, hard hours of work.

The field of graphic design often proves fast-paced and exciting, and graphic designers have the option of working on a variety of projects from eye-catching flyers to distinguishable logos to interactive multimedia projects. As intriguing as the field seems, however, graphic designers face a number of problems and difficulties specific to the field of graphic design.

Time Constraints

Time constraints weigh heavily on graphic designers. In many industries making use of graphic design work, such as the publishing industry, deadlines often run tight. Producing quality work takes time, and rushing a project means that the project will likely be returned for corrections. Many graphic designers also have multiple projects going at once, making deadlines seem even more ominous.


Current trends in the graphic design world may not always stay current. The graphic design industry always moves forward and so must the graphic designer. Portfolios must be updated continually with examples of the latest in graphic design trends. Heavy competition means that any graphic designer must come up with intriguing and innovative concepts in order to stand apart from the crowd.

Taking Criticism

Any job in the creative field means that criticism, both constructive and otherwise, eventually shows up. New graphic designers face the most criticism as they learn specifically deal with and interpret client wishes, but new graphic designers also stand as the most vulnerable to unaccustomed criticism and must learn not to take it personally.

Finding Work

Competition in the graphic design world can be fierce, and finding work often proves itself difficult, especially for those who have not learned do so yet. Whether working for a studio or freelancing for individual clients, nearly everyone demands graphic designers to have experience, making the industry difficult to break into.

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Freelance Difficulties

Many graphic designers choose to do freelance work over joining a studio because of the amount of freedom and choice granted by specializing in freelancing. Freelancers often have the hardest time, however, because working as a freelance graphic designer means having to constantly sell yourself to clients rather than promoting yourself only once to a single studio. A competitive portfolio becomes essential for freelance designers.


Every client has expectations. Some clients need to be persuaded to grant graphic designers an appropriate amount of time to complete a project, and the designer must therefore have adequate persuasive skills to alter clients’ time expectations. Interpreting client wishes proves difficult as well because clients do not always explain their desires clearly, and making corrections afterward takes more effort and time than getting the project accepted the first time around. The successful graphic designer needs extraordinary communication abilities.


Along with client expectations come personal expectations. Many people who go into creative fields, including graphic designers, often face the trouble of perfectionism. Perfectionism allows a graphic designer to do her best work but can also hold a designer back by forcing the designer to take excessive time to complete a project and making the designer more hesitant to take risks.