Promote A Freelance Graphic Design Business

Finding new clients as a freelance graphic designer is a necessary evil. Sourcing quality prospects is just as important as setting your design fees or creating an amazing portfolio. From online marketing to volunteer work, promoting a freelance graphic design business effectively can raise profits and build your brand simultaneously.


1. Promote your graphic design services online. Join graphic design forums. Write articles and submit them to the leading graphic design websites. Make insightful comments on freelance writing, copywriting and publicity blogs. Connect with other freelancers to develop package deals using both graphic design and copywriting skills.

2. Create an online portfolio. A portfolio is an important sales tool for graphic designers. An online portfolio can promote your services to new clients that live in other states or countries. Keep the number of design samples in your portfolio to a minimum. Use this valuable tool to expand your freelance graphic design business from the local to the international market.

3. Start a graphic design blog. Blogs are a great way to inform new clients about your design approach. Clients that are unfamiliar with graphic design services can visit your blog for informative posts and basic information. Promoting your blog as a teaching tool and design resource is a simple promotional tactic that will yield measurable results.

4. Register for a freelance talent agency. Paladin Staffing and Aquent are two agencies that hire freelance graphic design talent. Use these resources to expand your client base. Use a staffing agencies to boost your client experience while simultaneously developing a stellar reputation as a freelance design professional.

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5. Donate your expertise to a non-profit organization. Use your freelance design services to help those in need. Offer to design a logo for a non-profit organization with similar values as your company. Mentor a young graphic designer. Give a seminar at an art or trade school to inspire young design talent to pursue a career in graphic design.