Ps2 Flight Simulator Games

PS2 Flight Simulator Games

Video games allow people to pick up a controller and be instantly transported to a new world. For example, the average video gamer isn’t all that likely to head outside and climb behind the controls of a fighter plane in combat. For owners of a Sony PlayStation 2, the action is only a few minutes away, through one of many flight simulator games available for the console.

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

Many of the highest-rated, most realistic flight simulator titles on the PS2 are in the “Ace Combat” series. Both IGN and CNET agree, this is one of the finest flight simulators for the PS2. The fifth iteration of the series carried on the formula. The controls and look and feel of the game are smooth and realistic. Things far off in the distance are hard to see, as you would expect in a real airplane–making enemy aircraft a challenge to spot. “Ace Combat” games are the final word in PS2 flight simulators: Most other games are compared to these.

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

If you’ve enjoyed the “Ace Combat 5,” you may well like “Ace Combat Zero.” Unlike the standard “Ace Combat” series, this game takes the realism from the original game and puts it into a new chapter in a semi-realistic world. This title adds a number of unlockable extras, such as experimental airplanes which give a new twist to old combat. The artificial intelligence of your cohorts makes the game a little easier, as you can trust them to help you with things you’d otherwise have to do yourself.

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“Heatseeker” is a more arcade-style title, meaning the controls are a little simpler and more readily grasped for the pick-up-and-play gamers. However, this game is also more poorly rated by CNET, among others. The graphics are said to be fairly unattractive, and the voice acting, which is supposed to get you into the story, actually distracts. There are a number of well-known airplanes available for play, and the campaign mode takes you across 18 missions in four real-world locations.

Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk

As with “Heatseeker,” this is a simplified and poorly rated (again by CNET) flight simulator title. If you’re looking to simply blow something up and get away with it, this may be a game worth checking out. If you’re looking for a more realistic and crafted flight simulator experience, you may be better off with a different title, such as “Ace Combat.” “Rebel Raiders” sets its story in a futuristic world at war, and places you at the helm of the finest fighter planes available.