Put Web Design On A Resume

Make sure to showcase your best examples of Web design on your resume

With the Internet taking over every facet of life day by day, having Web design on your resume is a big plus in the job search. Because Web design is such a broad topic, you want to be as specific as possible with your designing expertise. Being an expert in HTML isn’t the same as being an expert in Flas, but they both still fall under the Web design category.


1. Make sure resume has a “Skill/ Qualifications” section, an “Examples” section, and a “Work Experience” section. These will be the most crucial sections to displaying your Web design talent to your prospective employer.

2. Go to your “Skills” section and write down all the types of Web design you’re exceptional in. Make sure to list each one in bullet point form and keep each line short. There is no need to use two line for one skill. For example, your “Skills” section may have HTML, JavaScript, PHP and CSS listed. It’s unlikely that you have the same amount of knowledge for each skill you have, but if you do, you want to say so. It good to say something like “Exceptional in HTML coding,” “Efficient in JavaScript” and “General knowledge of PHP.” Your level of skill will probably be different than these examples, but you should get the gist of things.

3. To prove that you are really skilled in the skills that you say you are skilled in, you want to provide examples. Some employers will ask for clips or examples separate from your resume, but if they don’t, it’s useful to put them in if you have space. Under your examples section, put a link to any work you have done showing your skills. This can be a Web site that you helped code, or an interactive graphic that you created with Flash, or anything else you may have done. Many employers allow you to submit your resume electronically so they will easily be able to click on the links and see your work. If your prospective employer asks you to mail your resume in hard copy, you may want to ask if they would like to see any examples of your work. You can put links to your work on your resume and they will be able to search for them online.

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4. Make a “Work Experience” section and list all the places you have worked using your Web design skills. If you had a position as a Web developer in a previous job, list it. You also want to list your duties at the position and any awards, special achievments or accomplishments that you think are noteworthy. The trick is keeping your resume short because employers don’t want to read a long resume when searching through hundreds or thousand of applicants. Keep your resume to one page. If you go to the next page, it better be for a good reason. It’s likely that if you go to the second page, there is a lot of stuff you can cut down on.