Radeon 32m Specifications

The ATI Radeon 32 MB DDR graphics card was designed to be used in desktop computers. This graphics card was released around the year 2000. The chip set on the ATI Radeon 32 MB DDR graphic card was created by ATI Radeon. The primary specifications include the video/monitor compatibility, the RAM and the built-in 3-D support features.


The card has a 15-pin VGA connection. There is also an option for a 28-pin connection. According to ATI’s technical specifications, the video BIOS is compatible with VESA for super VGA.


This graphics card has two 32 MB RAM configurations available. One is the 32 MB of double data rate random access memory (DDR RAM). With DDR memory, you get twice the bandwidth with high transfer rates to provide strong graphics. The other is 32 MB of single data rate random access memory (SDR RAM).

3-D Support Features

This graphics card has at least 32 features to support 3-D rendering. These features include Direct X 8.0, ATI’s trademark CHARISMA engine and Pixel Tapestry architecture. The Charisma engine supports transform and lighting, clipping, 4 matrix vertex blending/skinning and key frame interpolation. The Pixel Tapestry architecture allows for three individual texture units per pixel.

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