Radeon 7000 Specs

The ATI Radeon 7000, released in September 2002, is 64MB video card designed as an upgrade from on-board graphics to a dedicated card for the budget-conscious individual. It primarily functions to enhance graphics for video or picture viewing, along with playing games that do not require ultra-high graphics.


The Radeon 7000 contains 32MB of video RAM. On the graphics card, video RAM is responsible for the speed and supported resolutions. Memory is required to process intense graphics and images while playing games. It also impacts the frame rate, according to PC World Magazine.


The Radeon 7000 connects to the motherboard through the PCI slot. The slot type impacts the overall speed that information can be transferred at. PCI and AGP have been phased out in favor of PCI-Ex, which operates at a speed of 16x, as opposed to 8x.

Color and Resolution

The resolution on a card determines how large the viewing area is on a screen. Larger monitors favor higher resolutions. The Radeon 7000 supports a maximum of 2,048 by 1,536. It is capable of displaying 16.7 million colors, commonly referred to as 24-bit.

Multiple Monitors

Many users favor using more than one monitor for additional viewing area. Multiple monitors are useful for stretching information across two screens or working on two projects side by side. The 7000 supports a maximum of two monitors.

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