Remove An Agp Video Card

AGP Video Card

An AGP video card is the generic name for a video card that hooks into a motherboard’s AGP slot. Usually, older motherboards have only one AGP port. But newer boards typically do not have AGP slots as the advancement for PCI Express becomes popular. It is important to remove an AGP video card to upgrade or replace the existing hardware. Conflicts can occur with the devices if you upgrade and continue to have the AGP card installed.


1. Shut down the computer. Remove all cords and connections from the back of the tower.

2. Remove the screws on the right panel. Put them in a safe location. Pull off the panel. Put the computer on the floor or table with the opened side facing upright.

3. Locate the AGP video card. This is typically on the first slot, closest to the processor fan.

4. Unscrew the AGP card from the tower. There is usually one screw holding the card to the tower panel. Completely remove the screw and set aside.

5. Look behind the video card. This is the opposite end of where you removed the screw. There is a small lever on the bottom, next to the motherboard. Push down to unsecure the AGP video card.

6. Pull the card gently straight up. When you push down the lever, the card is loosely in the connection tab. Place the card in a static bag or away from static electricity objects. For example, do not place the video card on carpet or in a cardboard box without protection from static.

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7. Slide the tower panel back on to the computer. Replace all three or four screws. Plug in the devices.