Replace A Default Vga Driver

Video drivers allow your video card and computer to communicate with each other.

A default VGA driver is the driver Windows installs to run your video card if the computer doesn’t know what type of video card you’re using or can’t find a driver specifically made for your particular video card. While this behavior is helpful because it allows you to use the card, to make the best use of all the video card’s features, it’s often better to replace the default driver with a specific driver for your card.


Uninstall the Default VGA Driver

1. Click the Windows 7 “Start” button, then choose “Control Panel.”

2. Select “System and Security,” then “Device Manager.”

3. Click the arrow next to “Display Adapters” to expand the selection.

4. Right-click the display adapter with the default VGA driver installed, then choose “Uninstall” followed by “OK.”

Installing the New Video Driver via the Found New Hardware Wizard

5. Place the CD or DVD that came with your video card in the computer’s optical drive. If your card didn’t come with an installation disk, visit the manufacturer’s website and download the appropriate driver to your hard drive. Be sure to note where you save the file.

6. Restart your computer. When the computer reboots, it will launch the Found New Hardware Wizard and attempt to reinstall your video driver automatically. You may be prompted to indicate where the Wizard should look for your new driver file.

7. Allow the computer to automatically install the drivers. You may be prompted to restart the computer to finalize the installation.

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