Replace A Video Card In A Dell Optiplex Desktop

Replace video card in a Dell Optiplex.

A video card is a piece of hardware that connects and sends video signals to your desktop’s monitor. The quality of the signal is largely dependent on your computer’s video card. There are two different types of video cards that can be installed into a Dell OptiPlex desktop computer; an AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) video card or a GPA (Graphics Performance Accelerator) video card. The two are similar in video quality and can be installed easily.


1. Turn off the computer and disconnect the power cable, and any miscellaneous cables and peripheral devices. Peripheral devices generally include keyboards, mice, external hard drives and modems.

2. Use an antistatic wrist wrap to prevent shock from static electricity. Wrap the velcro around your wrist and attach the wire clip to the computer tower’s casing.

3. Place the computer tower on its side and press on the locking release buttons on both the top and bottom of the computer tower. There is one button on the top and one button on the bottom. Swing the side panel as far as it will go. This will give you easy access to all of your computer’s internal components.

4. Remove the filler bracket from the rear panel of the Optiplex. The filler bracket is a piece of metal that sits inside the video card slot when it’s empty. Lift on the hinged lever, and then slide the bracket out of the video card slot.

5. Slide the new video card into the video card slot until it is flush with the rear panel. Press down until the video card is inserted into the connector on the logic board.

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6. Replace the securing hinge lever onto the new video card. Fasten the single Phillips-head screw to the screw-hole on the video card so it attaches to the rear panel.

7. Close the side panel, reconnect the power cable, cables and peripheral devices. Turn on your computer.

8. Insert the disc that was included with your video card into the OptiPlex’s CD-ROM drive. Follow the onscreen instructions to install your video card’s driver.