Reset An Ati Radeon

Graphics cards are extremely configurable devices, allowing you to tweak your system so you get the best performance and quality ratio in your games. ATI Radeon graphics cards provide the Catalyst Control Center that allows you to change settings for your graphics cards, including advanced settings such as clock and memory speeds if you also have the ATI Overdrive feature available. While modifying settings can greatly improve performance, quality and compatibility in some video games, toying with settings with which you are not familiar can lead to system instability. If your computer is behaving erratically, you should try resetting your ATI Radeon to factory default settings. This is a simple process which will only take a few clicks.


1. Start your computer and log into Windows.

2. Right-click anywhere on your desktop to make the context menu appear.

3. Click “Catalyst Control Center” to open your ATI Radeon configuration settings control panel.

4. Click the “Defaults” button at the bottom-right of the window to restore all of the settings to the default factory configurations. Click “OK” to exit the Catalyst Control Center.

5. Reinstall the drivers for your ATI Radeon if resetting the card to factory defaults did not work. Download the latest drivers from AMD’s website. The drivers will also include the latest version of the Catalyst Control Center. Installing the latest drivers can alleviate most problems with graphics cards. After reinstalling the drivers, restart the computer.

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