Rotate Word Art On A Mac

WordArt lets you quickly add text graphics to Word documents.

Microsoft Word’s WordArt feature, available in Word for the Macintosh 2004 and 2008, allows you to create custom text graphics in your Word documents. No knowledge of graphic software or drawing talent is necessary. Each graphic starts with a base style such as text in a circle, 3-D text or ’70s-style bubble letters. To this style, you add color, outlining or transparency. You can also move WordArt on the page by dragging, flip it horizontally or vertically, or rotate it up to 360 degrees. WordArt is useful in desktop publishing projects for quick logos, section headings or article illustrations.


1. Double-click your Microsoft Word application icon to start the program.

2. Click the “View” menu at the top of the screen and choose “Print Layout.”

3. Click the “Insert” menu and click the command “WordArt.”

4. Click on a graphical style for your WordArt from the panel that appears across the top of your screen.

5. Double-click the WordArt placeholder in your document window to open a dialog box for entering your text. Click “OK” after you have entered your text.

6. Click the “View” menu again and choose “Formatting Palette” to make sure the floating formatting palette is visible on your screen.

7. Click the WordArt object to select it, then click the section title bar on the formatting palette that says “Size, Rotation and Ordering” to expand that section of the palette and view the commands.

8. Click the “Rotate” icon and choose one of the rotation commands to apply to your WordArt. The options are: Rotate Right, Rotate Left, Flip Vertical, Flip Horizontal and Free Rotate.

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