Run Craigslist Ads Using Html

It can be difficult trying to make your ad stand out on Craigslist. According to the website’s “Factsheet” page, Craigslist users create more than 50 million new listings each month. If you scan the listings, you’ll find that most of Craigslist ads only use plain text. Craigslist also supports some basic HTML elements. Spicing up your listing with fancy formatting and the occasional picture can help it stand out from the crowd.


1. Log in to your Craigslist account and begin posting a new ad normally. Work through the steps of the process, assigning locales and categories, until you reach the “Create Posting” page where you write the ad.

2. Type your ad the same way you normally would.

3. Add HTML to the posting as desired. Craigslist only supports a handful of basic HTML commands — they’re listed in Craigslist’s Help section — but you can alter several elements of your post. You can change the color, format and size of the text, add pictures and links and include formatting options, such as page breaks, and both ordered and unordered links.

4. Close the HTML tags at the end of any text you want formatted to avoid carrying the formatting over to the subsequent words. For example, if you only want the word “bold” in “This bold example” to appear italicized, type it as follows:

This bold example.

5. Click “Continue” when you are finished to preview the page as it will appear to Craigslist users. Check the ad for any errors, including HTML errors. If you failed to close a tag, it should be obvious in the preview. Click “Edit Again” if you need to go back and change any elements of your post.

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