Set Up A Maya Software Network Render

Autodesk’s “Maya” software allows you to create and render 3D environments for computer-animated movies, games or other facilitations. At times, it might take more than one computer to render a rather large file successfully, especially if the computer you use Maya Software on already occupies a large amount of CPU capacity and memory in order to keep the program running. For this, Autodesk has implemented the capability for multiple computers to render one file across a network. Pieces of the file get sent from the source computer to all the other workstations for processing. Once done, the files get sent back.


1. Open up Maya Software and open your project that needs rendering.

2. Access your Maya Software command line and type the following command: Render -s 1 -e 50 file. This tells your first workstation in the network to render frames 1-50 on that file. You can send the second workstation to render another 50 frames with: Render -s 51 -e 100.

3. Press “Enter” on your keyboard after each command. The rendering begins once you execute the command.

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