Set Up High Resolution Graphics On Ocarina Of Time

You can play “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” by Nintendo with high resolution graphics on your computer with a Nintendo 64 emulator program made by Project64. The game can be played by downloading a ROM or image file of the game and loading it with the emulator. You will need to download free “plug-ins” or update patches to make the graphics in the game high resolution.


1. Download the free “Project 64” game emulator. Install the emulator.

2. Download and install “Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ROM.” Download and install the “Glide64 video plug-in” patch code program to enable your emulator to handle the “wrapper” program code and the texture enhancer modules that will allow your computer to create high resolution graphics during game play. Save the Glide64 wrapper files in the Project64 folder. The location should look like “C:Program FilesProject64 1.6.” Save the “Plug-ins” in the plug-in folder located in the “Project64 folder.” The location should look like “C:Program FilesProject64 1.6Plugins.”

3. Run the Project 64 emulator. Select “Options.” Select “Settings.” Select “Glide64” for the “Video Plugin.” Select “Options” again. Select “Configure Graphics Plugin.” Click on the box at the bottom next to “Show Texture Enhancement Options.” Click “OK.” Select the “Configure Graphics Plugin” again under the “Options” tab. Select “Texture Enhancement” and the “Hi-Resolution Textures” window will appear. Select “Format” to open the drop down “Format” menu. Select “Rice Format” from the menu.

4. Open the Project64 Plugins folder. Right click on an empty spot on the screen and select “New Folder.” Name the folder “hires_texture” and place the Hi-Resolution plugins you downloaded into it.

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5. Select “File” from the top of the screen. Select “Chose ROM Directory” from the drop down menu. Select the save file location for “Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” and double click on the ROM icon to run it. The ROM game will now play with high resolution graphics.