Setup A Display Adapter With A Standard Vga Driver

Drive incompatibility issues with your display adapter can leave you unable to use your computer properly. The display may cut out or have such a distorted resolution that it is difficult to make out anything on the screen. You can force Windows to use a standard VGA driver so you can troubleshoot the issues you’re having with your display adapter. Once the standard driver is installed, you’ll be able to make any changes you need to the third party driver that your graphics card requires.


1. Go to “Start” and “Control Panel.”

2. Click “System and Maintenance.” Click “Device Manager.”

3. Click the plus next to the “Display Adapter” listing. Right-click the listing for your video card and choose “Uninstall.”

4. Click “Start” and “Shut Down.” Choose “Restart.” When your computer boots back into Windows it will install the standard VGA driver included with Windows so you can troubleshoot your driver issues without entering safe mode.

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