Silverlight Animation Effects

Animate your Web pages with Silverlight, a free Microsoft Web browser plug-in.

Silverlight is a free Microsoft Web browser plug-in application that enhances vector graphics, audio, video and animation effects. With Silverlight, you can create animated, interactive components for Web pages, as well as transitions with visual impact. Silverlight contains scalable vector graphics that enable you to draw shapes, brushes that enable you to fill those shapes with color gradients, video and audio feeds from external media devices such as Web cams and TVs, 3-D effects and a deep-zoom feature that enables you to zoom in on and pan around high-resolution images.

Fade In, Fade Out

One of the programmable animation effects available in Silverlight is the ability to make objects fade in or fade out of view for a certain number of times or indefinitely throughout your presentation. This effect can be useful for transitions or to highlight specific parts of your website presentation.

Objects That Change Colors

Animate objects with changing colors.

Silverlight enables you to change the colors of objects from their current color to a secondary color and back again. This can be useful in interactive presentations where you intend to illustrate a progression or change with visual clues. For example, objects that change color once, twice or repeatedly throughout your website create an interactive and dynamic visual presentation. The changing colors imbue a symbolic message adding more depth to your content.

Scaling the Size of Objects

Animate objects by scaling their size.

Silverlight enables you to scale the size of objects, collapsing them from their current size down to a smaller scale and then back again to their current size. This is a useful visual aid when showing progressions or comparisons.

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Rotating the Angle of Objects

Silverlight animation effects allow you to rotate images on the screen.

You can use Silverlight to rotate the angle of certain objects within your screen presentation to show different vantage points. This interactive animation effect can be a good instructional device for showing different features of a given object by showing it at comparative angles. This is especially useful for educational training purposes where you want to show all angles of a given subject visually.