Skateboard Parks In France


There are a number of skate parks throughout France. These particular parks are located in the West and South of France. Many of them are free outdoor parks open to the public, while others are indoor and charge fees. Most of them offer a range of surfaces and ramps for a complete skateboarding experience.

Marseille Skatepark

This famous, free public park has been around since 1991 and is the largest outdoor skate park in France. It has been featured on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 video game and held skating and surfing apparel company Quiksilver-sponsored tournaments featuring international stars. The main feature is the bowl that is 2.7 meters deep. This bowl also features a vert ramp, mini ramps and a bank.

Marseille Skatepark

Avenue Pierre Mondes

Marseille 13008


Le Hangar in Nantes

Le Hangar is a large indoor skate park measuring around 5,300 square meters. It is open for skateboards, rollerblades, and BMX bikes most afternoons and weekends, but the hours change depending on the school year and vacation. There is an annual fee to join this park, along with daily, weekly or monthly rates. There are five spaces within this park, dedicated to different types of skating. There is a street park with various ramps and rails, a mini-ramp area, a bowl, half-pipe and an area for hockey or roller-skating. This park offers various courses and competitions throughout the year.

Le Hangar Skatepark

9 Allee des Vinaigriers

Prairie de Mauves

Nantes 44300

(33) 02-51-13-26-80

Bordeaux Skatepark

This park opened in September 2006 and is one of the larger outdoor parks in France with 2,350 square meter of terrain. Features of the park include a street course, mini ramp, quarter pipe, spine, vertical ramp, bowl and rails. There are four zones dedicated for children under ten years old, two bowls, a cascade area dedicated primarily to BMX and a street park. It is open not only for skateboards, but also rollerblades and BMX bikes.

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Skate Park des Chartrons

Quai des Chartrons

Bordeaux, 33000


Gap Skatepark

This is a smaller outdoor park open all day to the public. Skaters can enjoy the street course, mini ramp, quarter pipe, vertical ramp and rails. On Wednesday afternoons, a local association offers lessons for skaters. It is open for rollerblades, skateboards, and BMX bikes.

Skate Park de Gap

Boulevard Pierre et Marie Currie

Gap, 05000