Specifications Of An Intel 945gtp Motherboard

The 945GTP uses the microATX form factor commonly used in mini tower cases.

The Intel 945GTP motherboard provides a variety of features designed to enhance the utility and security of systems using this board. Although the 945GTP does not support newer hardware architecture, it supports a modest level of processing capability. In addition to its standard configuration, the 945GTP has several optional configurations that encompass several subsystems, including on-board audio, IEEE 1394 interface, LAN interface, SATA interface RAID control and other miscellaneous devices.

Processing Stats

The Intel 945GTP is compatible with processors from the Pentium 4 family that are compatible with the LGA775 type socket. The motherboard supports a system bus at speeds including 533, 800 or 1066MHz. This motherboard supplies the user with four DDR2 dual-channel SDRAM sockets. These sockets accept DIMM modules in a 240-pin configuration rated at speeds of 400, 533 or 677MHz. It also supports a maximum of 4GB of system memory and uses an Intel 945G chipset processor to control the flow of data between subsystems on the board.

Video Capabilities

The Intel 945GTP motherboard provides users with an Intel GMA950 graphics controller built into the motherboard. It provides video output through a single VGA port. This device provides 24-bit video processing at 400MHz and uses between 64 and 224MB of system memory–depending on total system memory–for video processing. It has a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536 with a 75Hz refresh rate but requires an advanced digital display card to use a flat panel monitor, digital CRT or HDTV. However, it is only capable of rendering full 3D graphics at a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 at 85Hz with 32-bit color depth.

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Slots and Ports

The Intel 945GTP provides a variety of mounting slots for mounting hardware. It provides a single PCI Express x16 slot for mounting a video card, two regular PCI slots and one PCI Express x1 slot for additional PCI cards. It also provides a total of four SATA connectors and one parallel ATE IDE connector used to attach optical and hard drives to the motherboard. The 945GTP also has one floppy drive connector and provides a total of six USB ports, 2 front and 4 rear. This motherboard also includes rear-mounted analog and digital audio output ports a parallel port, serial port and two PS/2 connectors.