Specifications Of The Ibm Aptiva E 240

The IBM Aptiva E240 is a desktop computer.

The IBM Aptiva E240 is a desktop computer that was introduced by IBM in 1998. The computer continued their Aptiva line of desktop computers which had begun to be offered in 1994. This computer, unlike many IBM computers before it, featured a microprocessor from AMD as opposed to most previous models which featured Intel brand processors. The computer came bundled with several software programs and was intended as a main desktop computer.


The IBM Aptiva E240 computer features an AMD K6-2 processor, the successor to their K6 processor which runs at 350Mhz. The computer also features AGP graphics with an AGP 2x (3.3v) graphics card from ATI, the ATI Rage Pro. The card comes with 8 MB of video RAM built into it. The computer is also equipped with a 6 GB hard drive running on an ATA-33 bus and a 32x CD ROM drive. The motherboard is a Super 7 motherboard featuring 512KB of level 2 cache (i.e. extra memory that sits just outside the processor, providing for faster processing of instructions.). The computer also comes with a built in 56K fax modem and built in sound.


The computer comes with three PCI expansion slots and one ISA slot (shared with a PCI slot — i.e. you can use either one or the other). The computer comes pre-configured with 64MB of RAM which can be expanded to as much as 256MB of RAM using PC 100 SDRAM DIMM chips. There are two slots for these kinds of chips.


The IBM Aptiva E240 comes equipped with Windows 98 and Lotus Smart Suite Millenium Edition. This suite includes a number of different programs, including Lotus 123 and Lotus Word Pro word processor. The suite of software also includes several other programs for office productivity such as Lotus Freelance Graphics, Lotus SmartCenter, Lotus Organizer and Lotus Approach.

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