Starfox Games For The Ps2

“Star Fox” is a space-themed shooter that was released for the Super Nintendo in 1993. Since then, various iterations of the title have come out on other Nintendo consoles, including “Star Fox 64” for the Nintendo 64, “Star Fox Adventures” for the Nintendo GameCube and “Star Fox Command” for the Nintendo DS. There are no “Star Fox” titles for the PlayStation 2, but there are several choices for PS2 gamers looking for titles with similar gameplay mechanics.

Star Fox for the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64

The original “Star Fox” pushed the Super Nintendo’s hardware capabilities with its third-person shooting action. It was the very first SNES game to use the Super FX chip, which powered the 3-D engine. Four years later, “Star Fox 64” was released for the Nintendo 64. “Star Fox 64” offered similar gameplay as the original, but with greatly improved graphics and the addition of ground-based vehicles. A newer, 3-D version of “Star Fox 64” for the Nintendo 3DS will be released in 2011.

Star Fox on the Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo DS

Released in 2002, “Star Fox Adventures” for the Nintendo GameCube took the series in another direction. Rather than the flight-shooter gameplay of the previous titles, “Star Fox Adventures” was focused on action role-playing, with a heavy emphasis on foot travel. The next GameCube title was “Star Fox Assault,” which was released in 2005 and brought back the flight-heavy gameplay of the other titles. “Star Fox Command” had flight-shooter gameplay mechanics and used the Nintendo DS’s touch-screen display to control the vehicles.

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Cartoon and Arcade-Style PS2 Shooters

PlayStation 2 gamers looking for the cartoonish flight-shooting of the Star Fox series may be interested in “Snoopy vs. the Red Baron,” which was released for the PS2 in 2006. The game places you in the role of Snoopy as he battles it out with enemy units in his World War I-era biplane. Those interested in an arcade-style shooter can try one of the three “Ace Combat” games for the PS2. These games place you in a fighter jet’s cockpit and task you with completing a variety of shooting missions. The gameplay is action-filled, with explosions and dogfights filling the screen. There is also a role-playing aspect to the games, as you can upgrade and switch out weapons and aircraft gear with money earned from shooting down enemy targets.

Space-Based PS2 Shooters

“Star Wars Jedi Starfighter” was released in 2002 by LucasArts; it is an action shooter based in space. You’ll control the Jedi Starfighter — a new breed of space vehicle powered by the user’s Force powers — and battle it out with enemy forces in large-scale space battles. The game also includes split-screen multiplayer modes. Another space-based flight shooter is “Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk,” which takes you to new planets as you battle for your freedom. There are several planes to choose from at the start, and you can unlock new planes as you progress in the game.


“Heatseeker” was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2007; it is a military-themed flight shooter. You can choose from several different jets and weapons and challenge enemy units on both land and sea in several locations, including Korea and Antarctica.

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