Sync Music To An Mp3 Car Transmitter

MP3 players can be played in cars, even without a built-in audio headphone jack.

With the rise of digital music, more and more people are moving away from CDs and toward MP3 players. However, this shift can pose a problem to people who don’t have an MP3 jack on the audio decks of their cars. Many still have to carry around a case full of hundreds of CDs if they want to listen to music in the car. But with an FM transmitter, your MP3 player can play through your car speakers using FM radio, allowing you to pack up your CDs and leave them at home.


Basic Transmitter

1. Purchase a basic FM transmitter–which can cost between $15 and $30 depending on the type. The less expensive transmitters have small screens and a small plug that fits into the headphone jack of an MP3 player.

2. Plug the end of the transmitter into the headphone jack on the MP3 player, and turn on the FM transmitter.

3. Turn your car radio to a fuzzy FM station. The best stations for MP3 use have no reception, only static.

4. Tune your FM transmitter to the same station as your radio. If your radio is on 87.7, your transmitter screen should be on 87.7, too.

5. Turn on your MP3 player, pick the song you want to listen to and hit play. Your MP3 player will now play through your car speakers.

Docking Transmitter

6. Purchase a docking transmitter. These transmitters have a charger that goes into the cigarette lighter, a docking station for the bottom of the player to plug into and a visible display screen.

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7. Plug your transmitter into the cigarette lighter, making sure the rest of the device points upward for easy access.

8. Place the MP3 player bottom down into the docking station on the transmitter. The outlet should click into place over the plug on the dock.

9. Turn your MP3 player on, and allow the transmitter to scan and find the best FM station, instead of manually finding the most fuzzy station.

10. Press play after you find the song you want to hear, and adjust the volume until you hear the music comfortably.