Test The Intel 82865g Driver

If you want to test the Intel 82865G device driver that is installed inside your computer, you will use the native Windows Device Manager. Typically, the Device Manager is used to display a listing of all the drivers installed on your computer. You can use the utility to add or remove drivers at will. However, if you have a specific driver in mind (such as the one for the Intel 82865G) you can also perform a test on it to check the driver for any type of errors.


1. Click “Start.”

2. Click “Control Panel.”

3. Double-click “Device Manager.”

4. Right-click on the listing for your Intel 82865G driver.

5. Click “Properties.” Your computer (via the Device Manager) will now perform a consistency check on the device driver in question. Its status will be displayed in the “Status” portion of the driver’s “Properties” window. If any errors are present, click “Troubleshoot” to see a list of things you can attempt to do to correct the current situation, whatever it may be.

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