Test Your Graphic Card

Graphics cards support games and other applications used on a computer.

Graphics cards, specialized processors that render 3D graphics from the microprocessor, enhance the quality of computer graphics. Several programs are available online to check the quality or compatibility of your graphics cards and help you determine how well your graphics card works.


1. Run a 3-D game. Most games have a video test under the option menu. This determines whether or not your gaming system or computer has adequate performance capacities to support the game. The performance is measured in FPS or frames per second. The higher number of frames per second equals a better quality picture and speed of the graphics.

2. Test the FPS with a third party software during your game play. An example of a free program that can be downloaded from the Internet is FRAPS. FRAPS displays the FPS when you are playing the game. This will give you the most accurate FPS since the count will occur during game play.

3. Run FRAPS. Start your game. Play normally with the settings you prefer. Yellow numbers will appear on the bottom right corner of the screen representing the current frames per second provided by FRAPS.

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