Test Your Video Card Performance

Better graphics capabilities make game play smoother and more fun.

These days your computer needs power graphics capabilities, even if you’re the most casual PC user. High graphics performance is required for a modern operating system such as Windows 7 simply to operate in its standard state. High-definition media and graphics-intensive games have become ubiquitous. Test the relative performance of your video card to determine if your computer needs an upgrade. A basic graphics performance test is built in to the Windows operating system.


1. Click the Start button in the lower-left corner of the Windows desktop.

2. Right-click the “Computer” or “My Computer” heading on the Start menu to open the Context menu.

3. Select the “Properties” heading from the Context menu. A system overview dialog box appears.

4. Click the “Windows Experience Index” link under the system heading. If the experience score has previously been calculated, the graphics benchmark scores are shown beside the “Graphics:” and “Gaming Graphics:” headings.

5. Click the “Run the Assessment” link to run the benchmarks for the first time. This process takes several minutes. Upon completion, a summary of the performance of several devices on the computer is presented, including the video card.

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