Text To A Photo Using Paint Net

You may want to add text a photo for a number of reasons. You may want to add a personal message, description of the photo or business name to the picture. You can do any of these by using Paint.net; here’s how.


1. Open the picture you want to add text to by clicking on the “Open folder” on the top navigation bar of Paint.net.

2. Click on the “Tools” selector button on the third navigation bar. This will open up a drop-down menu. Select the “Text” tool.

3. Decide on the font you want to use. The options are on the drop down menu next to the “Tools” selector button. You can also change the font point or add bold, italics or underline to the text. To do this, you simply change the options on the navigation bar.

4. Change the color of the text by pressing “F8” to pull up the color wheel option. You can pick any color imaginable by moving your cursor over the wheel.

5. Pick a spot on the photo to start your text. Type out what you want your text to say. If it goes off of the photo, consider making the font point smaller or pressing enter to start a new text line.

6. Choose the text layout. You can pick left justified, centered or right justified by pressing the appropriate button on the third navigation bar.

7. Move the text around by putting your cursor on the arrow box on the bottom right hand corner of your text. Press your right mouse button and hold it down to move the text around.

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